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Kawaii has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior and mannerisms. The word "kawaii" is originally derived from the phrase "radiant face", but more commonly referred as blushing  and over time has become to mean lovable, cute and adorable. As a cultural phenomenon, cuteness is increasingly accepted in Japan as a part of Japanese culture and national identity.  everything that is acceptable and desirable in Japan. Furthermore, it has become associated with  neatness, beauty and refinement.

In Japan, cuteness is expected of men and women. There is a trend of men shaving their legs and women often try to act cute to attract men. A "childish round face" Women also employ a look of innocence in order to further play out this idea of cuteness. Having large eyes and a childish round face are aspects that exemplify innocence thus many Japanese women attempt to alter the size of their eyes. To create this illusion, women may wear large contacts, false eyelashes, over-exaggerated eye makeup and even double eyelid surgery!

It regularly appear in the mass media such as singers for pop groups, bit-part actors, TV personalities, models in photo spreads published in magazines and advertisements. Lolita fashion is a very well-known and recognizable style in Japan. Based on Victorian fashion and the Rococo period, girls mix in their own elements along with gothic style to achieve the porcelain-doll look. The girls who dress in Lolita fashion are not going for the "sexy" look, but instead try to look cute, innocent, and beautiful. This look is achieved with lace, ribbons, bows, ruffles, bloomers, aprons, and ruffled petticoats. Parasols, chunky Mary Jane heels, and Bo Peep collars are also very popular.

Superseding even the "global cute" of  Cabbage Patch Kids dolls , Hello Kitty and Barbie, the concept of "kawaii" has had an influence on a variety of products, including candy, such as Hi-Chew, Koala's March and Hello Panda. Cuteness can be added to products by adding cute features, such as hearts, flowers, stars and rainbows. This brings us to the matter in point...right now you can get very highly professional and revolutionary custom products from the Girly Gifts & Accessories Store of top Designer LeahG.