Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How to find inspiration for gag cartoons and sell them (Part 2)


In this post, I'd like to touch on the fine art of milking. Milking is as old as the hills. It can also be a very useful way of breaking into the market. In the UK we used to have a National paper that encouraged it as part of a feature called: "Sunfun", and it was great fun to see how many different variations could come out of a common gag. Private Eye magazine does this to a certain extent as well with typical themes running such as:"Are you looking at my bird?" which has been seen portrayed in many a scenario.

They are well recognized as milking gags and that is the whole idea behind the humor. I love looking at other cartoonists work and thinking how I can turn it around from say, a single panel gag to a strip for example, or from a mag gag to a greeting card. I consider it a challenge to go one better than them. You've all seen the poor old hanging prisoners and the desert Island gags. The possibilities for milking are endless and can generate a wealth of material.

Consider this: 

* Neighborly wives gossiping by the fence. (eg. "You won't believe what you've been up to!")
* Hubby catching Wife in bed with stranger or vice- versa.
* Learner drivers.
* Cupid/ Dating Agency.
* Relate/ Marriage guidance.
* Desert Island. (Yes, I reckon you can still get away with the odd one these days!)
* Beauty Salon.
* Tunnel of love.
* Hubby and Wife at party- either chatting up someone else of the opposite sex.
* Mr. and Mrs. Smith booking into Hotel.
* Suicidal person (usually a Man!) on ledge.
* Lottery ticket.
* Your dinner is in......(Note left for Hubby)
* Wife's cooking.
* Nudist Colony.
* Dog and Postman. * Dog in Pub. * Dogs/ Toilet water.
* Hubby returning from Pub.
* Adam and Eve.
* Lost Property Department. * Missing Person's Bureaux. * Suggestions box.
* Just married.
* Interview/ Employment Agency.
* Birds and bees speech.
* Mum gone out and Dad and kids trying to cope.
* Wife visiting Hubby in jail. * Man in Pub talking to Barmaid. "My wife doesn't understand me."
* Estate Agents.
* "Does my bum look big in this?" (Goldmine, this one!")
* Prisoners hanging from chains. (Very well documented)
* Trying on clothes in shop.
* Mother in Law.
* Failure in bed.
* Not remembering Anniversary.
* Hospital. (Nil by mouth notice.)
* Party animal. * Noah's arc.
* Couple lying on beach- Man ogling better looking female.
* Internet shopping.
* Affairs.
* Selling matches. * Hobos on park bench.
* Lovers' Lane.
* Drunk and Cop.
* Groom late for Wedding.
* Dad with face buried in newspaper at breakfast table. (eg. "Mum, what does Dad look like?")
* Stag party/ Hen night.
* Excuse to go to the Pub. * Hubby couch potato/ no exercise/ no fresh air but got Sky television.
* Door to door salesman.
* Perfume counter in shop.
* Fridge magnets.
* Dad giving Daughter's date a hard time. * Report card.
* "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"
* Milkman/ Father's eyes.
* Rapunzel.

*BTW....does my bum look big in this?

The bottom line is THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT ON IDEAS. For more concise info about how to be a successful Cartoonist refer to one of the best in the business and an all-round nice bloke Bill Abbott Cartoons