Monday, 16 March 2015

4th of July Party Celebrations

Celebrate the Fourth of July in awesome style. Party Peeps has launched a range of custom products most of which can be personalized by you to commemorate Independence Day. These patriotic American-themed goodies range from customizable Party Invitations and Favors to everyday fashion and novelties. Matching party supplies such as paper plates and napkins are ready for you to customize to your event specifications.

4th of July Party Celebrations

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Girly Gifts and Accessories featuring PinkyP by LeahG

PinkyP is the latest trend for teenage girls sweeping the world of iconic fashion for clothes, accessories, bedroom decor and gifts for girls of all ages but mostly teen girls who love all things Kawaii and cuteness. PinkyP is the cartoon creation of LeahG. She is a super cute kawaii girl with gorgeous curly pink hair and a wide range of fashion and accessories.

I hope you enjoy Fashion Diva PinkyP as much as we do here at Party Peeps and follow her through her adventures. Your daughter will love Kawaii Lolita fashion and you may just be tempted yourself!

Girly Gifts & Accessories featuring PinkyP

Brown bag

Bar tool
£20 -

Bar tool
£18 -

Pastel home decor
£14 -

Colored pen
£3.06 -

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Houndstooth Pattern Customizable Any Colour Products

Houndstooth has become very popular recently as a fashion statement for those that are chic. Houndstooth Check is a must-have for the Hipster and has become a popular fashionable iconic pattern to be found on a wide range of products. Some of the popular gifts and accessories made using this check design can be found right here at Party Peeps's affiliate Store Customizable Stuff...

Houndstooth Pattern Customizable Any Colour Products

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Modern Chalkboard Cocktail Party Customizable Invitations

And so you are planning a party or reception where cocktails are to be served be it for social or business networking (a mixer) or just a private party for you and your friends. Maybe you are a manager of a hotel or restaurant and are holding a cocktail hour to attract patrons. You could be planning a wedding reception to let guests socialize while drinking and eating appetizers to occupy them between events.

This elegant and trendy Chalkboard Cocktail Party Invite featuring string lights and a Margeurita with a blend of trendy vintage ornaments and elegant fashionable decorative chalkboard elements and typography is ready to be customized to your event specifics. If you are a Corporate concern you can upload your logo to display somewhere in the design. 

Should you require any assistance whatsoever with the customizations, feel free to contact us at

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pink Wine Drinking Flamingo Fun Cartoon Customized Gifts & Accessories

Take flight with these fun Custom Wine Loving Flamingo designer goodies with hues of pink, purple, mauve, orange and red against a stunning brightly coloured sunset from Party Peeps! This stunning Flamingo Illustration is by widely recognized and published Cartoonist Simon Lake. The quirky wild bird is now available on a range of products in our Store and ready to brighten up your day.

So whether you are looking for a wine-related product of something for yourself or as a gift for another wine lover, you are sure to find something amongst this range of whimsical wine slurping Flamingo goodies. Ideal for Bachelorette, Hen Party (oops that's a tame bird), Birthday, Christmas or indeed any occasional gift, this boozing bird is bound to delight! 

Some of these Girly (or Gay) Gifts and accessories are ready to be personalised but with some we have left out the customizations as we felt that the alcohol loving lake living Flamingo speaks for itself.

Check out the full range of products by clicking on the Girly hand. If you like our waywardly drunkard feathered friend as much as we do, be sure to bookmark the page and keep an eye out for new products as we will be updating them on a continual basis.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Funny Drinking Humor Wrapped Hip Flasks

Image hosted by servimg.comWhy do we love Hip Flasks? Well...because we can drink alcohol in a clandestine manner in inappropriate situations where a bottle would be too conspicuous. Here at Party Peeps, we are all in favour of this practise although it must be remembered that having a hip flask filled with alcohol in a public place is illegal in many States of America due to open container laws which don't allow you to have an unsealed container of alcohol in public.

We just thought that we would mention that so as to maintain an air of sobriety lol. But flasks are not all just about the surreptitious consuming of your *favourite beverage at work or in front of your parents or whatever. They come in very handy for those who love fishing, camping, hiking and such activities. Hey, even jogging...

That brings us to the matter in hand...Party Peeps has launched a range of very hip flasks with alcohol related funny quotes and we would like to introduce you to them. So whether your tipple of choice is *Jameson, Bushmills, Johnny Walker Black Label, Crown Royal, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker Red Label, Knob Creek, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort or whatever, keep it comical and get one of our top of the range stainless steel flasks for a fun on-the-go accessory. Click on the Girly hand to see the full range! 


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Customizable Retro Ice Cream Social Party Invitations

So you are planning an Ice Cream Social Party this Summer and looking for an Invitation with a bit of class that you can personalize to your event specifics. Here's the scoop... whether it is for a neighborhood event, a welcoming party or to celebrate a Birthday or any sweet event (Sundaes on Sunday?) for your friends, this highly sophisticated customized Invite from Party Peeps will fit the bill.

Ready to be customized to your event specifics, this stylish Ice Cream Social Party Invite resembling Vintage Ice Cream Parlour signs is perfect for Ice Cream Socials of distinction. So when you are throwing an Ice-Cream bash, be sure to keep it high-class and posh

With a blend of trendy vintage ornaments and elegant fashionable decorative chalkboard elements, this fun invitation comes together with modern chevron, spots and cool ice cream graphics in pink and blue so as to deem it versatile for boys and girls. As ever, should you need any help with the customizations whatsoever, feel free to contact us at and we will will be more than happy to deal with your request.