Thursday, 22 May 2014

England Football Team World Cup Supporters gifts and accessories

Are you an ardent English Football Supporter or looking for a great gift to give someone who is? Yup, the World Cup 2014 is looming and it's time to focus on Brazil and support the boys with Three Lions on a shirt! These products from customizablestuff are not just for the World Cup however, they are for keeps for all those English Football Fans out there and are exclusive to our affiliate shop. Nowhere else will you find anything like these customizable World in Motion English Football accessories.

Sporting a cool football with England Flag, these fabulous England Crazy footie products are ready for you personalize with your name and position (or that of lucky gift recipient) or the name and position of your/ their favourite England Team Football Player. How very cool is that? Just choose from any player in the England World Cup Squad. Perhaps you are going to watch the big games on Telly back home with the world at your feet or you are even going all the way to Brazil to watch them live? We're on the ball with these timely England World Cup Team goodies so how does it feel to be on top of the world ?

Pictured below is just a smattering of samples available in this revolutionary concept (yes Doggies and Baby as well as most makes of phone cases) These fashionable England Football items are out of this world but don't take our word for it, see the entire range right here... ***ENGLAND FOOTBALL***  All together now... maybe, just maybe this time we'll get it right!

And if you are getting one or more of these products as a gift for an English Footy Fan, how cool would it be to wrap it all up in matching wrapping paper?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cute Chalkboard customized Boy's Birthday Invitations

Trendy personalized Chalkboard invitation to a Son's Birthday Celebration Party. Change image to his picture from your computer and Change text to suit your event details. Chalkboards are all the rage and we feel that your little Boy should be keeping up with trends seeing as he is sooo modern. Baby boy blue and purple little footprints accentuate this design almost as much as his cute little face will do.

So for the ultimate in personalization in Party Invitations for your baby Boy no matter what age he is, we have created this trendy vintage black slate chalkboard design with a Polaroid photo border for a Retro feel. Don't be fooled by the brightly colored blue "2". Yes, that is a Zazzle font! 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Funny Autocorrect T Shirt

If you are tired of all those other shirts trying to make people laugh then make a statement with this one that stands out in the crowd. Get this funny T Shirt before everyone else realizes what's going on around here. All of those other wise crack joke shirts pail in comparison to this shit. 

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the side-splitting hilarious tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Funny Intelligent, Classy and Well Educated Woman T Shirt

You are an elegant, fashionable and high-class Woman right? You want to be seen as clever, posh, chic and in vogue. Step out in this classy top from Party Peeps that says it all. Head off to the Bar and order a glass (or bottle) of Wine and let the fun and games commence. If anybody has to pick you up off the floor then at least you will still have your dignity intact.

Available in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the side-splitting hilarious tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Yin Yang harmony design Watch

Smart 3-D Yin Yang emblem. The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang convey how opposite or contrary forces are complementary and interconnected. Belief is they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Other factors such as light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, fire and water, life and death, male and female, sun and moon are believed to demonstrate the ambivalence of yin and yang concerned with Chinese science and philosophy. Traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and exercises play a vital role as well.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Funny Beer Drinking T Shirt

You like a drink and you like your Beer right? You like to chill out at Parties or Pubs and Clubs and have a good time with your mates without any aggro don't you? This cool T Shirt was designed by Party Peeps for you to avoid anyone spoiling your good time. So next time you are planning a Night on the Town, be cool in this top and get as pissed as you like. You have to fight for your right to Party!

Available in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the funniest ever online shopping tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Funky Clown Fish iPad Air case by natureloversworld

Innovation iPad Air case that resembles the ipad Air. This case will protect your iPad Air and cover the back and corners of your iPad Air with an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell and you can still use all ports and buttons. Designed for the iPad Air, this innovative and eye catching designer case will show off your quirky style.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Selfie explanatory funny T Shirt for Her

Selfie explanatory T Shirt. This selfie Top is so selfie explanatory that we felt we had to explain it a bit more. A selfie is a picture taken by pouting, sometimes drunk females and lesser males to put on social networking sites such as Facebook. We don't think there is anything wrong with having internet friends and posting pictures of yourself in a frivolous act of narcissism with your lips sticking out like a Goldfish at all. Hell no, all we are saying is that with this cool T Shirt there is no need to display such insecurities of getting likes and comments saying how beautiful you look. Twitter, Myspace and Instagram etc duck face and kissy faces in the bathroom only serve to make you look like you are looking for attention. Get attention without even trying with this timely tee from Party Peeps!

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the side-splitting hilarious tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Funny Makin' Bacon T Shirt

You love bacon don't you? Well check out this funny T Shirt from Party Peeps for real Bacon Lovers! These cute little iconic Pigs are enjoying making your favorite food so much they have forgotten whose next to end up on your plate. Pigs may not be sexy creatures but they sure as hell know how to keep you satisfied. So whether you like to barbecue bacon or have it in a BLT sandwich or whatever, pay the Pigs homage with this sexy T Shirt.

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the funniest online shopping T Shirts tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Bacon Beer and Babes Man Stuff

Beer, Bacon and Babes. What else is there? Nectar of the Gods, Food of Kings and Awesome Hotties. Men love drinking beer, eating bacon and chicks so Party Peeps has designed these cool products for the Mancave or anywhere they would like to pay homage to these three main ingredients in Life. So if you are looking for that perfect Birthday, Christmas or Father's Day gift for him then these will fit the bill nicely. Of course if you are a bloke reading this then you have already made up your mind you are having some of it.  Here are just a very few samples available in this range. To view the entire set of goodies go here...Bacon Beer & Babes Gifts
Bacon Beer and Babes Mancave Wall Clock
Bacon Beer and Babes Mancave Wall Clock by partypeeps
Browse Mancave ideas Wall Clocks online at

Bacon Beer and Babes Bicycle Card Decks
Bacon Beer and Babes Bicycle Card Decks by partypeeps
Find other Mancave ideas Playing Cards at
Bacon Beer and Babes Keychain
Bacon Beer and Babes Keychain by partypeeps
Find more Mancave ideas Keychains at Zazzle

Fishing & Beer fun gifts and accessories

You like to fish and you like drinking beer right? Beer makes you happy and makes your girlfriend or wife sexier. Fishing relaxes and stimulates you at the same time plus it's the best way to be in the great outdoors with your wife and kids enjoying nature. It's also a good excuse for getting pissed so that's why Party Peeps has designed these super cool Fishing and Beer accessories to express your passion for these manly pastimes. If you are a man's man in a man's World you have already looked at the examples of these macho products below and decided you are having a bit of this action right?

If however, you are looking for that perfect Birthday, Christmas or Father's Day Gift for Him to have pride of place in his Mancave or wherever then consider something fun from this line of novelty products. Either way,  have a browse through the entire range right here...Fishing and Beer

Here is just a very small sampling of what is up for grabs...

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Funny Personalized Fisherman T Shirt

Funny Fishing T Shirt ready to be customized with Fisherman's name. You like to think you are feared by fish everywhere don't you? Fishermen everywhere are aware of your reputation as an angler of note so why not don this personalized nervous fish T Shirt that will show who is Boss. So whether it's Mangrove snapper, Flounder, Redfish, Mahi, Mackerel, Snook, Trout, Cod, Salmon, Sole, Monk Fish, Hoki, Hake or whatever fish you are famous for making anxious, try this angle and make sure to make a super cool Fisherman statement with this fun Tee Shirt from Party Peeps!

Of course if you are browsing the web looking for that perfect Birthday, Christmas or Father's Day Gift for a Husband, Boyfriend or Dad who loves fishing then he will really appreciate this!

Beer Bacon and Babes Poster

Beer, Bacon and Babes. What else is there?  If you are looking for a perfect accompaniment to that Mancave or Den or even the Kitchen, then this Poster says it all. Beer drinkers, Bacon eaters and Woman lovers everywhere will love this iconic poster from Party Peeps. You like your Beer cold, your Bacon anyhow and your Chicks hot so check out this cool poster that says it all. To view the entire set of goodies in this range go here...Bacon Beer & Babes Gifts

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Funny Men's Chocolate Loving Lesbians T Shirt

Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the Lesbians. This fun T Shirt for Men who know what they want will have the chicks panting to take you home and try out your sexy idea. If that doesn't happen, Party Peeps cannot be held responsible for false advertising. Even if you don't pick up any birds (Lesbian or otherwise) you are still sure to raise a few laughs. If you do get lucky, we would be very chuffed to hear from you so that we can document your experience.

Available in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the amusing and silly tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

Customized Return from Las Vegas Wedding Reception Invitations

Right so you are back from Las Vegas, Nevada, the Marriage Capital of the World and you have had the most amazing experience of your Life. The Party doesn't have to stop there does it? You have decided that instead of dragging all your Friends to Vegas, you will have las vegas after wedding party right on your doorstep and how terribly sensible is that? Keep the theme and atmosphere going with this Las Vegas Wedding Reception Invitation ready to be personalized to your event specifications. Night black background with typical Las Vegas Neon Sign, Champagne and Poker Chips design from Party Peeps.

Wouldn't it be fun to have these matching and REAL Las Vegas Poker Chips as Favors to hand out at the bash?

Monday, 5 May 2014

Funny Women Drinking Humor Compact Mirror

Perfect for the Woman who has her priorities in order to take along with her wherever she goes. You love nothing better than a night on the Town or drinking in Bars and Clubs with your Girlfriends so make sure you drink responsibly by taking this mirror with you wherever you go. If you like to stay at home and drink yourself into a coma then that's fine too. Keep this very handy compact mirror close at hand so that you can watch yourself.

Wine is fine and so are you so why not look at yourself while you are getting hammered? Please note that Party Peeps does not condone the misuse of alcohol in any way and cannot be held responsible for any health issues you may incur by getting totally plastered, smashed, wrecked, sloshed or otherwise. We just want you to have a good time and not worry about how your Liver may look. Nobody is going to see that now are they? Leave that kind of technology to the Doctors.