Monday, 11 November 2013

Ewww! Funny disgusted Mcdonalds spoof Tee Shirt

Ewww! is normally associated with something gross  that you did not really want to see, hear, feel, taste or smell but you will want to be seen, heard, felt, smelt and even tasted if you are lucky in this super hip Tee from Party Peeps!

Fun Wine Lovers Greetings Card for any occasion

Get this funny card for the Love of  your Life. After all Love is the most wonderful, awesome, deepest heavenly feeling you can feel for some thing. I mean one. Express your innermost unconditional affection to someone who you trust implicitly without condition just the same as you do Wine. When you love Wine, er... someone so madly you will hide nothing and show your true affections. Especially when you are pissed. Wine will do that.

You know you are in Love when it's the last last thing you think about when you go to bed (usually hammered) and the first thing you think of when you wake up, although of course most of have to wait until we get back from work to show our feelings again. It's that feeling of warmth in your heart that makes you feel serene and tranquil and can usually be identified by the ashtray in your mouth and puke on the bed sheets the next morning. Talk to your Loved one the same as you would to your Wine with this super cool and articulate Wine joke card. It could be the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world that you have done for a while!

Funny Chef's Surprise customized poster

This fun poster can be personalized to your own specifications It will enhance any kitchen If you are a Chef or Restaurant Manager you can have an image of your logo on it and have it in your kitchen. You can have it framed and put up in pride of place to remind you why you like Wine. I mean cooking. That's it, cooking with Wine. Lol.

Perfect for the Home kitchen as well of course. So whether you are baking, boiling, brewing, broiling, browning, frying, grilling, heating, roasting, simmering, sizzling, steaming, steeping, stewing or toasting, you can see this poster to inspire your culinary expertise. You won't want to leave the kitchen and that way your cuisine will reach new heights and always be the ultimate chef's surprise!